computer activity monitoring software

Computer Activity Monitoring Software monitors and captures all activities made on Computer and converts them into snapshot and image format with exact date, time and user name. Also send same information to your email.

Visitor Data Management Solution

An android application which can convert photo into text. Different and unique from other free applications available online.

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We at Pegasus Design House offer various services and Unique Products. Our services include designing, printing, digital marketing and the last but not the least developing web and mobile application as per your requirement. Pegasus Design House is described as Dependable, Honest and Affordable!
With team of talented senior developers, creative designers, and good management skill; we guarantee the highest quality to be delivered by treating each project as most important. For our product demo or installation we have professional distributor team. Feel free to call us or email us to discuss your project and get the quote for free.

What We Do

Designs That Work!

Our creative team of designers and visualizers turn your product into a brand.

Flexible & Friendly!

We offer responsive and seo-friendly website

corporate stationary

Our Work - Designing

Corporate Stationary

How We Work

Gathering Information

We gather all your requirments

Our professional team gather the information about your project and pass it on to the project manager

Brain Stroming

A team will do brain storming

After gathering information about your project. Our team will start brain storming about your requirement.

Providing Options

We make few Option

After Brainstorming we will start designing or developing your project and will provide few option to choose from


We will start implementing

Once the option is selected we will start implementing design to required section of marketing as per your requirement

We Develop Application That Work!

We design and develop simple and easy to use android application for your product or services

Flexible And Friendly!

We develop flexible and friendly mobile application which is light in size and easy to operate.

On Google Play Store

We Place your application on google play store. so that it can be accessed by all your clients

Offline and Online Application

We can develop online or offline app as per your requirement.

Easy to Contact

With your own application, it will be easier for your client to reach you with one click.

Always be Available

With your own application for your product or service. You will be always available for your client.

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