Pegasus Design House offers android application, ios application and web application. So that, your company/business internal or external process easier.

The web application we develop is user friendly and also support mobile or tablet. We make design so easy that even people without any knowledge can operate the application. The application is developed as per your requirement. So that, application helps your company/business process faster and easier.

We help you to customize the application in new way and new technology so that it’s give an value added to your product or services.


Now a days customer prefer to reach easily, which can resolve their issue or can help them getting fast and better service from you. Mobile application is the answer. And especially Android is the best option to go with. We develop your own company’s Android App and IOS App at affordable rate. We also help you in publishing your app on Google Play Store. Most of the business class people use android phone. Making your app make easier for them to reach you and can increase your business.

 Application Services:
  • Web Application
  • Android Application
  • IOS Application

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