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Computer Activity Monitoring Software

PCEYE is computer activity monitoring software. Here are the few points of our software

  • Report Via Email
  • Monitor all computer activity
  • Get screenshot register
  • Install and forget it
  • Keep track of teenager computer activity
  • Keep track of employee computer activity

computer activity monitoring software
Visitor Data Management Solution

Visitor Data Solution

V-10 is a android application for people who want to manage their client data smartly. There are many application online which convert business card to text. But our app is different from rest of the world. Here are few features of our application.

  • Converting Business card photo into text
  • Sending Auto email to scanned business card
  • Customized signature for email
  • Attach brochure or flyer to your auto email
  • Saving converted data on WEB
  • Download data in CSV format.

Quality Control Software.

Software controls the quality of the valve.

Automatically rejects the product.

Manage the boxes as per the input from the end users

Notify 2 level of higher authority, if product is less than actual mentioned.

Alert end-user about the high rejection of the product.

Transfer all data to higher authority via email and stores data in cloud database.

Admin panel to make changes in settings and email or even to download the data.

Exclusively made for Rotex Automation

Inventory and Final Product Management

End user to give input regarding inventory arrival in store room

Creates Inventory reports

Workers to input the work they have done

Calculate the quality and number of products generated

Calculate the inventory available and end product by engineering formulas.

Notify Plant manager about difference between end product and engineering drawing

All reports available online.

Data stored in Cloud database.

Exclusively Made for Elec Steel Processing Industries

ERP Software

Business Intelligence
One of the newer components of most modern mid-market ERP packages, BI shines a bright light into the heart of a company’s performance. In general, an ERP suite’s analytics or BI tools allow users to share and analyze the data that the ERP applications collect from across the enterprise from a unified repository. The end result is more informed decision making by everyone from executives to line managers to human-resources professionals to accountants. A variety of automated reporting and analysis tools can help streamline operations, as well as improve an organization’s business performance. With greater control and visibility of data across the enterprise, business leaders can better align the company’s operations with its overarching strategic goals.

Financial Management
Of all the ERP modules, the financialĀ applications tend to be the most frequently utilized. Across the board, these include general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable, billing, and fixed asset management. Because many mid-market companies deploy ERP to support efforts at breaking into global markets, it is imperative that their ERP packages support multiple currencies and languages. The financial-management applications may also include tools for creating and adhering to budgets, cash-flow management, expense management, risk management and tax management.

Manufacturing Operations
The manufacturing module is where much product differentiation happens, including industry-specific functionality. In general, these applications are intended to make manufacturing operations more efficient and simple. Most vendors support different modes of manufacturing, include configurable product capabilities, perform different types of job costing and offer a BOM (bill of materials) tool.

SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Of all the ERP modules, SCM has the greatest variability between vendors: It is vast and varied, yet often adapted to the needs of specific industries. In general, SCM improves the flow of materials through an organization’s supply chain by “managing planning, scheduling, procurement, and fulfillment for optimum service levels and maximum profitability”. SCM features tend to include also production scheduling, demand management, distribution management, inventory management, warehouse management, procurement, sourcing and order management.

HRM (Human Resources Management) & Payroll Management
For the most part, the HRM module includes tools for human-resources management, performance management, payroll, and time and labor tracking.

CRM Software

Accelerates & Increases Sales
– Manages & Plans Marketing
– Improves Customer Services
– Makes Customer Support Effortless
– Enhances Customer Support
– Improves Customer Relationships
– Increases Customer Satisfaction Ration
– Plans Sales & Services Strategies
– Controls Overheads in Marketing & Services
– Manages Sales & Services Schedules
– Sends SMS Alerts about Sales & Service Activities

Other Software

– Visa and Immigration management Software

– Student and Course management Software

– Digital Notes management Software

– E-commerce management Software

– many more…..

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