Professional Designing and Printing Services

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The corporate identity of your company is possibly the most significant feature of the brand it is representing. Your targeted market and prospective clients primarily recognize you through your corporate identity. Using perfectly designed corporate stationery is the best way of establishing a business’s corporate identity. Another critical facet of business marketing is logo. Logos help in making corporate stationery representing different businesses unique. Pegasus Design House offer several interesting packages for businesses looking to build their corporate identity. You can hire their services both for getting corporate stationery designed and printed. To know the expert logo design company more vividly, read through the discussion below.

Offers Diverse Packages for Reasonable Prices

The majority of the successful businesses you will come across today have carefully planned corporate stationery, which include letterheads, business cards, flyers, banners, brochures, employee cards etc. One thing that is common in all high quality corporate stationery items is images or logos that give recognition to the brand they are representing. Pegasus Design House performs the job of incorporating your business logos or images related to your business into the stationery designs flawlessly. The most fascinating thing about the company is the number of options it offers when it comes to logo design, corporate stationery design and printing packages. This allows businesses with different requirements to find the right packages. What’s more each of the packages offered by Pegasus is priced pretty reasonably; as a result, these packages can even be purchased by small businesses. For your basic designing needs, you can buy Pegasus’s basic logo designing or corporate stationery packages; and there are several advanced packages for more advanced designing needs of the clients.

Never Compromises with Quality

Are you wondering about the quality of the services provided by Pegasus Design House? If yes, you can rest assured. It is their high quality services that have allowed Pegasus Design House to become one of the most respected names in the design industry only within a few years of their birth. This designing company is known for their ability of fulfilling the requirements of the clients; they do exactly what they promise. The company is represented by several teams of experienced and skilled graphic designers. Each of these teams is appointed for completing different designing jobs. Pegasus assigns stationery designing and logo designing projects taken up by them to different designing teams. So, hiring the services of this company means you will get your business logos and corporate stationeries designed by professionals with experience of handling similar projects time and again. One common trait found in every designer working at Pegasus Design House is the ability of creating designs having a perfect amalgamation of the client’s aspirations and thoughts and his or her (the designer’s) own imagination. These designers are also intelligent and talented enough to produce custom designed logos and stationery items for each of the client they work for.

The quality of printing services offered by the company is equally impressive. Pegasus only uses state-of-the-art printing equipment. Moreover, they keep on upgrading their printing infrastructure to match the market standards. The print outs offered by Pegasus Design House do justice to the high quality designs created by the company’s designers. The printing staff representing the company is highly dependable. You may hire Pegasus’s printing services for printing a flyer or banner or a business card, they will come up with end products of equally enviable quality.

Brochure Design Service: How Should It Work?

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Sinceseveral years brochures have been the primary advertising tool for businesses that were not big enough to spend for newspaper or television advertising. However, now even big companies are also getting brochures for representing their respective businesses. An intelligently designed brochure that looks attractive is capable of delivering the message of your business with equal or even more efficiency compared to the other advertising tools used by businesses. For ensuring that the brochure representing your business is designed perfectly, you should hire a reputable and esteemed brochure design service. Such services are usually offered by almost every top logo design, letterhead design, business card and compliment card design company. This article will tell you how a brochure designer should work.

The first thing an experienced brochure design service provider plans about is the shape of the brochure. Shape of a brochure is one of its most important attributes. Here, by the word ‘shape’ we mean the shape of the paper that will be used for printing the brochure. An excellent designer will always give your brochure a unique shape for making it look eye catching. He will also consider your business-type before deciding on the shape for your brochure. For instance, if your company makes an orange-flavored beverage, an orange-shaped brochure will be the perfect option for it. This will allow your target audience to know about your business even before reading the brochure’s content.

The next thing a qualified brochure designer focuses on is graphics. A company that has several branches scattered in different parts of a city or country or even the world will always want its potential clients to know about the location of its different branch. If you want your brochure to be designed traditionally, you can get a list of all those locations printed on its first page. However, for a more contemporary looking brochure, top designers often use graphic designs depicting the locations of different branches of your company in form a map. This was just one example to show how graphics can be used fruitfully for enhancing the functionality of a brochure.

Last, but definitely not the least, the brochure designer must pick the right colors for the text and background of the brochure. The color picked must be soothing to the eyes so that the brochure instead of attracting potential clients ends up irritating them.

Startups with Designer Co-Founders

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The backgrounds the designers come from often vary. The majority of them contribute to the startups as consultants, freelancers and employees. Very rarely designers, who are highly skilled, ambitious and possess the ability of handling uncertainty, end up becoming the cofounders of startups. Some of the most prominent instances of startups with designer cofounders include names like Pinterest, Airbnb, Square, Instagram, Typekit, Android, Tumblr, Vimeo etc.

A quality designer possesses the ability of contributing significantly to almost all kinds of team or product. However, in this write up, we’ll be discussing about certain situations where designer founders play the most important roles.

There are certain industries where major structural changes result in rise in consumer expectations regarding product experiences. One example of such an industry is the music industry. Within a few years devices used for listening to music have evolved from simple Discmans to feature-filled iPods and advanced iPhones. The music applications have also matured from the basic Napsters to exciting iTunes and Spotify. Technical barriers that people had to face while publishing music also have dropped appreciably. All these changes have resulted in drastic increase in competition. Thus, companies, especially the music startups now need to work harder for providing the best user experience; they need to make sure that the user experience offered by them must be better than what any other company operating on the market is offering. Better design can help you in promoting your creations with better effects. As a result, designer cofounders work well for music startups.

You can have a designer partner to in your startup if you feel that user experience and design are your company’s core competencies. A skilled designer partner will help you in attracting the talent required for realizing this vision of your organization. It has been found that startups having designer cofounders with great skills and knowledge keep on attracting several other skilled and talented designers. A designer founder also helps in creating a perfect environment for allowing the talented designers to thrive. Great designers are aware of the fact that some people working under them might have the ability of making design decisions irrespective of the kind of position they hold. Designer cofounders who teach and model innovative designs created by other designers do so assuming that this procedure will promote an impressive design culture.

Suppose a situation arises that is only allowing you to create products competently, but not giving you the right idea regarding what kind of product you should make, particularly when you are developing a fresh product, expanding the user base of a particular product or pivoting. A designer cofounder can be of great help in such situations. He can help you by empathizing with users, identifying the exact problems and solving them and targeting use-cases that will address your company’s goals in the best possible manner. If the person partnering you is a great designer, he will have different ways of doing the above mentioned things; the most commonly used methods however are interviewing and observing users.

What Is Responsive Web Design

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Almost every client you will come across today look for mobile versions of their websites. This demand of the clients has resulted from the growing use of mobile among people of all classes. Some look for a design for their netbook or Kindle, some for their BlackBerry and others for their iPad or iPhone. Thus designers are nowadays creating web designs compatible to the screen resolutions of these devices. Seeing the current trend it can also be said that in the coming years, these graphic designers will need designing for several new inventions. The madness is here to continue. A time may come when web designers start finding it difficult to come up with fresh resolutions for new devices. Situations may come where making websites with new resolutions for a particular new device appears to be impossible or absolutely impractical. This means those websites will lose visitors from that particular device. In such cases responsive web design can come in handy. Read through the discussion below to know more about responsive web design.

The phrase responsive web design is used for the approach, which suggests that both web design and development must have the ability of responding to the environment and behavior of the user according to the platform, orientation and screen size. Responsive web designs include a blend of flexible layouts and grids, intelligently used CSS media query and images. As soon as the users switches to a laptop from his iPad, websites with responsive designs will be able to switch for accommodating the scripting abilities, image size and resolution of the later, automatically. To put it otherwise, this practice include technology for responding to the preferences of the users automatically. Responsive web design will help in eliminating the necessity of different development and design phases for different gadgets.

Have you heard the word responsive architecture? Before knowing what responsive architecture actually is, you must get familiar with the concept of responsive architecture. The main aim of this technology is finding ways for allowing physical spaces to respond to people using them. Architectures use a wide variety of tensile materials and embedded robotics in combination with wall structures and art installations that can flex, bend and expand when people approach them. In addition to all these, a combination of climate control systems and motion sensors can be used for adjusting temperature and lighting of the room as it gets filled with people. Some architects have already started using newly launched technologies like ‘smart glass technique’, which gives the glass the ability of becoming opaque when the occupants of the room reach a particular density threshold. This gives the room additional privacy.

Responsive web design uses the same principal as responsive architecture. This means like responsive architecture helps rooms to adjust according to the needs of the occupants the responsive web designs allow websites to adjust them according to the gadget a user is using. By creating responsive web design designers will be freed from the need of coming up with different designs for different gadgets.

Brochure Design Tips: Things You Should Never Do While Designing a Brochure

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A problem that many business owners encounter while creating brochures is failing to avoid the common brochure designing mistakes. If you end up printing a brochure boasting a design filled with mistakes, it will not only stop you from attracting new customers, but will also waste your money. Thus before sending newly designed brochure for print, you should make sure that it does not contain the common brochure design mistakes. The section below will educate you about the errors that should never be committed while designing a brochure.

  • Your brochure should not come with too many details. In other words, you should never fill the brochure with too many graphics and images for making it appear more attractive. Overcrowding instead of making the brochure design impressive will make it look extremely constrained. It’s true that a brochure must have some creative features; however, there should be the limit to the number of creative elements the brochure possesses.
  • You should avoid using fonts of different sizes and types. Brochures that have their texts done in extremely fancy fonts or a mix of different font styles mostly appear clumsy and distasteful. A good brochure designer will always use one particular text style that other than being simple is also readable; using such fonts make the design of the brochure neat, professional and uniform. If you check the brochures of successful businesses, you will find them using professional fonts such as Tahoma, Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Often we forget to use white spaces while designing a brochure, which is absolutely wrong. Adding white spaces is extremely important for ensuring that the person reading the brochure does not suffer from eyestrain as a result of checking all its pages. In addition to that, adding white spaces is also important for making giving the brochure a sophisticated look.
  • You should also be extremely careful while picking colors for the brochure. The color you pick should not be too bright or two shabby. They must be bright enough for attracting the customers, but should also have a matte appeal for ensuring that they don’t end up irritating the eyes of your prospective clients.

If you want the design of your brochure to be free from all the above mentioned mistakes, you must get it designed by a reputable graphic design service provider. Brochure design services are offered by the majority of the top designing firms offering letterhead, envelope, business greeting cards and business cards design services.