Website Design

Static Website

Static website is made in HTML or PHP or .Net. In simple way a website which doesn’t have the backend part or admin part is generally known as static website. As the name suggest website cannot be changed after complete project. Of course, a highly talented developer can always make the change the way client require but its not easy and plus its very time consuming.

Static website is generally non venerable from online threats and very easy to load on any browser. This kind of website are suitable to business who doesn’t require much changes in yearly basis and having few pages.

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Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is the best option for modern world and businesses. It has admin panel from where a user can make change to images and content as required. Dynamic website generally uses admin panel and make working easier for users. Its easy to maintain when a business is having more than 20 pages.

Dynamic website is server-side scripting. So, it requires highly talented developer to code your website. Its easy to maintain but hard to develop and make design or theme changes as per client requirement.

dynamic website design vadodara

E-Commerce Website

The e-commerce website is the shopping website. If you want to sell products online with your own website then the answer is e-commerce website. Website like flipkart, amazon, etc are e-commerce website.

E-commerce website is simply like another dynamic website. A user can manage billing, order, images and content from the backend panel or admin panel. E-commerce website are hard to maintain due to huge quantity of products and order. This kind of website can give your business an extra mileage which can benefit you in long term.

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