Website not generating leads? Find out why!

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Generating leads nowadays is hard with traditional marketing techniques But there is digital marketing that can get you leads at a low cost.

best web design company in vadodara

If your website is not generating leads there is no point in having a good-looking website. Every website needs a little support of SEO, PPC, Blogging & Social Media Marketing with the Right Strategy & Right Keywords. Having a website can build better relationships with your customers & advertising the website in the right place will get you more potential customers.

Here are few methods to generate leads from a website

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click is all about paying Google to rank for particular keywords, Google Adwords is the right platform for

  • Find low competition keywords from Google keyword planner
  •  Add right 10-20 keywords in your campaign
  •  Write a Title & Description with your keyword with a great offer
  • Set Budget & Your Campaign is Live

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisations is all about getting the search engine to rank your website without paying them anything.

  • Optimise your site for Search Engines
  • Get your website mobile responsive
  • Your website needs to be loaded quickly.
  • Sign Up your website on Google Search Console
  • Target long tail keywords first then short keywords
  • Add Content related to your keywords and Google will notice you


Get into blogging because writing a blog will drive more customers to your website. But you need to write relevant & unique content.

  • Write relevant blogs with your keywords mentioned in your content.
  • Write blogs at least once a week with fresh content
  •  Make sure you interlink your other blogs in your every blog

Social Media Marketing

Sharing your content on your social media will get your brand good visibility. You need to choose the right platform by thinking about where your potential customers will be.

  • The select top two social media platforms and run a trial paid campaign for a month with a minimum budget.
  • Get an attractive creative with an irresistible offer for your ad campaign
  • Design multiple ad campaigns and run them on the same budget for a trial period
  • Analyze how much is your cost per lead and what is the quality of your lead.